Patty Torza MA< NC holistic nutrition counseling - board certified


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I go about starting a Nutrition Consultation?

Great Question! t's always a good idea to speak with your doctor first about seeking nutritional advice. Your doctor may become a liaison with the nutritionist you choose as they can work together to help you reach your goals. Make sure your goals are clear in your mind on what you want to achieve with a nutritionist. It may be to lose weight, eat healthier, deal with an illness that needs specific nutritional support, or you just want nutrition education. Once you establish what you want, look for a nutritionist who is certified and knowledgeable, and has your goals in mind.

Q. What should I look for in a Nutritionist?

Ah, another great question and a very important one! When seeking out a nutrition professional who can guide you in making the healthy changes you need to reach your goals, look into their certification/license to make sure they have the credentials to best serve you. Education does not stop once the nutritionist is certified. Yearly continuing education credits have to be earned from attending workshops, lectures, etc. in order to keep their certification. From here, interview this person and see if it is a fit for you as well as the nutritionist. When the nutritionist asks you questions (and if they don't, walk away), they should be asking about your goals and medical history. Ask them what their specialties are and if they have worked with other clients who have dealt with your issues. Lastly, your nutritionist should be a good and clear communicator, a good listener, be positive with you, supportive of your goals, and a motivator! After all, we are helping clients to change their lives through our knowledge, skill, and ability to motivate. That's how I serve my clients!

Q. What can I expect in a Nutrition session?

It will differ to some degree depending upon the age, gender, medical considerations, and goals of the client. Most important is communication with your nutritionist on what you want to achieve and how safely and quickly you can achieve it. When I meet with a client, we go over their medical concerns, goals, and any questionnaires I deem appropriate. I listen to what my client needs and together we form a plan that is highly individualized and results-oriented. I have a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition that asks my client to be selective, not restrictive when it comes to making food choices. Because I am a Holistic Nutritionist, which means I deal with whole foods, minimally processed if at all, the diet will come from a variety of wholesome, tasty, and healthy foods that will provide lasting results.

Q. How many sessions should I purchase?

Well, it will depend upon how serious one's medical considerations are as well as the quality of their diet. I offer packages of 3 and 6, one-hour sessions as well as a single session. When I see a client for more than one session, I can affect greater change with that person. A lifetime of compromised nutrition is hard to change in a one-hour session. However, any number of sessions are better than not getting started on the road to a healthier lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction). The sessions are strung out over weeks to give the client time to practice better habits. The price per session comes down a bit with the purchase of the packages.

Q. When can I expect results?

It depends upon 'how' you interpret results. If you are only focused on weight loss, you may miss the fact that after improving your diet you have more energy, you are sleeping better, your stress level is reduced, and that medical problem you had is starting to ease up. Weight will normalize after time (everyone is different) once you balance good food with activity. I ask my clients to focus on 'health' rather than weight loss, and the anxiety over reaching a certain number on the scale disappears. Most clients feel a change in the first 2 weeks. Patience is key and enjoying the journey you are on is what I recommend. And the more involved and committed the client is, the more they see results.

Yours in Health!

Patty Torza, MA, NC