Patty Torza MA< NC holistic nutrition counseling - board certified



"A fine woman who led me to a healthier diet & way to exercise. Never felt better than when I worked with & followed her healthy way to eating... And  added to her many talents is her fine sense of humor. Thank you PATTY!!"
~ Trudi Konrad

"If you’re looking for someone to help you with your nutritional health, Patty Torza is a great resource.  She has the knowledge to share, and the ability to pass the information on to you in a non judgmental or intimidating way.  Whether it was about eating healthy fats, using the right kind of salt, and so much more, I was always impressed with her ability to personalize it to my specific challenges and needs.  She’s easy to talk to and knows how to work with each person, whether you think you know about nutrition or are starting from square one. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from her individually, as well as attend her nutrition classes.  In those classes, she has a way of tailoring an answer to an individual’s question, and then following it up with a more expanded answer for the group. It was wonderful working with Patty and expanding my knowledge towards my goal of living a healthier and therefore happier life."
~ Diane Dains

"Patty Torza offers superb nutrition counseling that is personalized and researched-based!  While working with Patty for more than 15 years, as my trusted personal trainer, I reached out to her with curiosity about diet and it’s effect on my overall health and well-being.  Patty helped me make personal food choices to ensure they matched my goals toward a more holistic nutrition plan. She has provided me with research-based information toward my most important health and nutrition needs - avoiding fads and misconceptions. What is most obvious in working with Patty, is that she puts health at the center of her own life and integrates that passion into her research and nutrition lectures. Patty is a gifted professional with a contagious attitude for healthy living!"
~ Christian Downer

"Patty helped me spot some key areas for improvement in my diet, especially around hidden sugars. As a nursing mother, I was pleased with how she tailored her recommendations to my special needs and spotlighted ways I might address issues with milk supply and lingering weight post-baby. An abundance of practical recipes accompanied our session and I came away feeling inspired to make positive adjustments right away."
~ Courtney Cochran

"Patty Torza - honest, knowledgeable, inspiring, and creative - is helping me to reach my nutritional goals. This journey towards health has not been easy. With Patty's expertise in nutrition, and encouragement, I am on my way. What could be more important than your health? If you are looking for that one person to come along side you in your journey towards health and well being, I would encourage you to contact Patty. I am worth this incredible health journey and so are you!"
~ Gail Lelek

"Patty’s integrated skill set as someone who is formally trained in both health & physical education and the science of nutrition, is uniquely qualified to work with clients who are looking for practical ways to incorporate healthy living into their daily lives. I have been a public health research scientist for more than 20 years, and I, for one, cannot say enough about Patty’s pragmatic and individualized approach to wholesome and healthy eating. From stress and time management to understanding what a healthy diet looks like – whole foods v. processed; good fats v. bad; good sources of whole and unrefined carbohydrates v. the impact of refined carbohydrates, Patty helped me with meal planning, reducing sugar intake, and provided a number of easy-to-prepare recipes for every meal of the day. Snacks, too! Proof is in the results, as I have noticed marked improvements in digestion and weight management. Working with Patty has expanded my knowledge of what it means to eat well and to feel confident about my nutritional choices in this age of misleading and diet-related information overload. "
~ Neal Rosenblatt

"I was introduced to Patty at the gym, where I immediately appreciated her positive energy and passion for nutrition. We started talking about my continuous struggles with sugar cravings and general digestive discomfort. Patty and I booked a formal consultation and she helped me narrow down what may be troubling my system. She provided me with relevant reading materials, recipes, and encouraged me to get tested for Celiac Disease or “leaky gut”. Sure enough, the results were positive for CD! I have revamped my diet, incorporating whole, clean foods, all gluten free...what a difference! Patty is an amazing coach, who brings her expertise in the field right to the table!"
~ Kathy Salisbury

"I needed help with a digestive problem that was baffling my doctor. I appreciated how Patty found out as much as she could about my background to get the complete picture of what was going on before making her recommendations. Patty has a great disposition and energy that radiates from her… she displays a high level of professionalism and charisma. I have found Patty to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I attend her lectures as often as I can!"
~ Rochelle Mueller